REMOTE Summit Spotlight: David Kokorowski, Pearson


Fierce Education Editor-in-Chief and Head of Content Elliot Markowitz recently spoke with David Kokorowski, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Higher Education Courseware & Career Learning at Pearson, regarding:

  • The changes he has seen in higher education over the past year as a result of COVID-19.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges facing Higher Education moving forward.
  • Examples of innovation from the past year that will have long-lasting positive impact in the higher education market.
  • How Pearson’s products and services are helping to meet these challenges.
  • What can we expect to see from Pearson in the coming months/year ahead to continue to address the needs of the education market?

Pearson is a marquee sponsor of the REMOTE virtual summit, hosted by Arizona State University (ASU) taking place June 9 and 10. CLICK HERE to learn more about REMOTE, or to Register to attend.

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